Creative Practise


What does Creative Practise mean?

You could say that writing is not something that can be taught. It seems like this class will be focused on learning the craft and discovering the different research techniques that can lead to a good, meaningful piece of writing.
Writing has many parts. It is not only writing. When we want to produce something original, the process does not simply consist in sitting down, drinking a cup of tea (or whiskey) and writing down a novel.
So, since writing consists in so many parts, that parts should be discovered. And a good, aware writer can learn how to avoid the situation of finding him or herself in front of the page, thinking… what should I do next?



Picture by Dustin Lee


Writing is not all about waiting for the muse to come. Inspiration can be sought and found in many ways, and Creative Practise seems to focus on that. On finding our own voice and making it real, true, particular.
My name is Rachele Salvini, I love writing fiction but I’m open to write other genres. I fell in love with reading and writing when I was a child – and in high school I realised that I wanted to read and write in English. So I took my BA in Florence, where I studied English and Northern Language and Literature. In 2013, I spent a fantastic semester in Oslo to study American Literature and Norwegian Language and Culture at University of Oslo.




In 2015, I was awarded a scholarship that led me even further. I had been dreaming about writing and travelling around the US all my life, and now I had the occasion to do both. I felt like destiny had been written or something like that: I spent some inspiring time at Sarah Lawrence College in NY, whose Creative Writing faculty was well-known and very much alive. In Italy, Creative Writing is not considered as an academic subject. So now I had the occasion. That’s when I decided to study Creative Writing in my life.
My interest in this subject led me to University of Westminster, and it’s here that this adventure starts. This is my story, and I am happy to start a class that is called creative practise. That’s exactly what I want to do: I want to practise as much as I can. Catch up with all the time I spent in my home university in Italy, just taking notes and answering to the professors’ questions at the exam sessions. I want to practise, to research and to put all myself into my writing, even when I make up someone else’s story. And where else could that be… I am in London. And everyone has a story in London.




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