Rachel Lichtenstein’s Tips for the Aspiring Writer


Recording stories. Listening to people talking. Oral history. Write down everything and wonder how the person who is speaking could feel now and after the publication. Reading your own words on the page can be different than actually pronounce them. Ask for permission and then send the material you recorded and wrote to the interviewed person. Make people feel involved.

Draw sketches of characters and places. Pick on something that you know or that you want to know more about, something that interests you and has a deep significance to you, and don’t let it go. Try to stay with it until the very end.



Pic by Jethro Stebbings


Think about writing as a sculpture. You should get the materials and fix them. The process is exciting, interesting. The journey is all about producing, let the words flow, and then adjust, fix, cut them. Embellish them.

Try to be open about the types of research and the techniques to use, but organization is important just as much. Manage, organize and structure the material you gather and produce. Be organized and disciplined: writing is not about inspiration to come suddenly and unexpectedly. Organization brings inspiration to you. Or, better, you make it come.


Pic by Aaron Burden

The feet of your characters must be on the ground. The reader should be physically with them. Gathering some material, doing research and visiting the places you will write about make the process of building as the perfect start to a great piece of writing.

Take writing as a professional job. If you run a shop and no one comes, you don’t go away – you stay there the whole day, waiting for someone to come. There are tools that can be useful to open that shop and to keep it open, as there are many ways to help your writing. If that day you don’t feel like writing, there are many things to do with your work and your ideas. Organization helps getting more inspiration.



Pic by Thomas Martinsen

A good article about how to get writing:



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