Jack the Ripper at Bishopgate Archives


My project started with some research at London Bishopsgate Archives. I met one of my classmates and we headed to the Archive, where we sat and started to look for the material we needed. I found more than I had expected. What I really wanted to research was to what extent people idolise Jack the Ripper. What could people buy and keep as souvenirs from London. What people, common people think about this mystery.

I found so much. Jack the Ripper memorabilia gets almost unnoticed by Londoners, but to me it was so strange. People go to the Jack the Ripper tours. They watch the movies, go to conferences about this horrible murderer. There is a Jack the Ripper Museum. There are many organised guided walks. And then there is the Ten Bells, the pub which is associated to one of his victims.

These are only some of the many things that I found. I have the pictures of all of them, but I am not going to post all here. This is just an anticipation of what I will talk about in my project. I hope to make you curious!











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