Writing the Final Project: Fiction


My Fiction project is almost finished, and I am very happy with the idea I had, not because it was brilliant or something – it’s just that I am extremely happy because I am putting a lot of myself into this piece, since the protagonist is an Italian girl living in London. The story takes place a few days before the EU referendum, which is of course quite important if you are a European citizen living in London. Anyway, the story is about this girl waking up in bed with a Tory MP and the story goes back about how it happened and why. So the EU referendum results come just at the end of the story, and it’s going to be very meaningful for this strange couple.

Anyway, I was very enthusiast about it when I got the idea, but then I had troubles with balancing every scene. I know it’s something that every writer should learn, but being able to write something in a specific amount of words is extremely hard. So I really needed to plan my writing. I had a list with different scenes and how many words I should have reserved to every specific scene. So it was very hard, and eventually I ended up writing just as much as I wanted without looking at the word count. I would edit later. This helped me in facing the whole writing process more calmly.

I decided not to develop the plot with a linear structure. The story, in fact, starts with the protagonist waking up in bed with the Tory and goes back until it comes again on that day, which is the day before the EU referendum. So the story doesn’t end up “at the beginning”, there is another scene that takes place on the 23rd of June. This confused me a little and I needed to draw a timeline with the sequence of events. It was very helpful. I am excited to finish it and I know that there will be a lot of editing to do, but I am very happy about my characters and I feel like I am really putting a lot of myself and a lot of London in this story. I am leaving for Italy in a few days, so I guess writing about me and about London is the best way to finish my first semester in this amazing city.



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