Obstruction #12: Tweets as Prompts


Since the end of the semester is rapidly approaching, Ron wanted to give us as much inspiration as we could and he suggested us to try at least one of the prompts tweeted by poet and activist Rachel McKibbens, who started the amazing Outlast Project – she wanders around the States gathering the stories of those who were, like her, sexually assaulted, in the releasing process of being finally able to talk about those dreadful experiences and being heard. She tweeted many prompts that could inspire poetry. I especially liked this:

Write your mother as a forest ad all that was lost in it.

Of course, the prompt turned into a bit of an inspiration for my poem rather than some rigid guidelines. This is my attempt.


 First Draft Version

Her fingers in the dust.

Ripening apples from fragile branches.

She smells their leaves through the fog.

She took a plane from London,

then lied on the shore, shook hands.

Everyone in black. Then a train to Sulden.

An in-between town, like her.

Between the mountains.

 Italy and Austria.

She took the urn, placed it beside her.

Then the passenger’s seatbelt.

She drove for miles.

Then started talking.

I’m taking you home. I’m taking you

where you would have loved to buy a house

if only you did not spend so much money.

She hopes he will

appreciate it, as she

scatters his dust

in the mountain wind.



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