That’s all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones.

Raymond Carver


I have been dreaming of becoming a writer since I was very young. I used to walk with my nose buried in books. I still do.


Italian Competitions

Le Mirabolanti Aspettative di un Trentacinquenne in Declino

Concorso “La Valle delle Storie” – Special Prize Young Category

Concorso “StorieSuperbe” – Winner

Il Progetto. Storia di un Urlo

Concorso “1 Racconto. 1 Canzone” – Winner of the Category

Concorso “Lettere a Letizia” – Shortlisted

Explosive Friday Night Live

Concorso “Michele Sovente” – 2nd Prize

Il Fischio di Torvaianica

Concorso “Lazio Saturnia Tellus” – Shortlisted


Concorso “I Racconti dello Scrigno” – Special Prize

Il Cappello di Feltro

Concorso “Il Giardino di Babuk” – 10th out of 271

Concorso “Dei Due Mari” – Special Prize

Come Ogni Mattina di Tutte le Mattine del Mondo

Concorso “Progetti di Armonia” – 1st Prize


Short Stories in Italian

Postalo su TwitterAntologia Jam Letteraria Vol. I

Come Ogni Mattina di Tutte le Mattine del MondoAntologia Jam Letteraria Vol. II

ZiggyRamingo Blog

Un Gesto Carino per Mia MadreSpaghetti Writers


Italian Non-Fiction and Collaborations 

Vita di Un’Aspirante Scribacchina a Londra – Scrittura & Dintorni

Penne in ValigiaRubrica di Scrittura Creativa sulla Rivista Fralerighe

Studiare Scrittura Creativa – Rubrica di Scrittura Creativa sulla Rivista 900 Letterario 



Fiction in English

Editor, translator and fiction contributor for The Wells Street Journal. The Bad Habit, Tottenham Court Road, 3 AM

Fiction contributor for Cultured Vultures. Post It On Twitter

Fiction contributor for Five2One Magazine. The Whistle

Fiction contributor for Slasher Monster Magazine. Women Love Bad Guys

Fiction contributor for The Fem Literary Magazine. Miss Monday Morning

Fiction contributor for The Machinery (publication both online and on paper). As Every Morning of All the Mornings in the World

Fiction contributor for Potluck Magazine. Windows



 Cup of tea logo by Daniele Salvato


1 thought on “About”

  1. Nice list of awards, beautiful Rachele! The comic strip is hilarious, and I can totally relate. 😆

    I couldn’t access my gmail on my phone for some reason, so I’m letting you know your fabulous short story is now on Slasher Monster Magazine!

    Thank you so much for your work and kind words❤🌹


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